Monday, May 27, 2013

Stop the Dilution of Organic Standards by US Government

Unbelievable! USDA Power Grab
Should Not Go Unchallenged

USDA violates the Organic Foods Production Act

Draft rule on carrageenan, cellulose and "inert" synthetics in pesticides
disregards decisions by the National Organic Standards Board

Comment before Monday, June 3, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET

The  following is my (David Goldbeck) statement on the National Organic Program Sunset Review. This Proposed Rule was issued by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)
I am co-author of "The Supermarket Handbook" (Plume/Signet) which was a best-seller in the 1970's. The book was declared a “manifesto" of the coming "food revolution" by the Wall Street Journal. As the spokesperson for that book and the almost one million people who boufgt it my testimony is:

 Whether "scientific" or not, people are entitled to the food they want; it is my testimony also that people expect organic food to be pure, that is have no food additives no matter how "safe" they may be considered now. People are also concerned about the combination of additives. Organic food is becoming an important industry and if you sully its “cleanliness” you will destroy it. Organic buyers are very sensitive to these issues. Thank you.

You can submit a written statement too at:!documentDetail;D=AMS-NOP-11-0003-0029

Friday, May 24, 2013


Action Alert
Who Owns Organics?
The Cornucopia Institute acts as an organic industry watchdog—a governmental and corporate watchdog. But that does not mean that we are anti-corporate. Large enterprises like Eden Foods and Nature's Path are proving you can do hundreds of millions of dollars in business without betraying the values that the organic movement was founded upon.
However, all too often giant corporations like Dean Foods (Horizon/Silk), General Mills (Cascadian Farms/Muir Glen), Smuckers (R.W. Knudsen/Santa Cruz), and their trade-lobby group, the Organic Trade Association (OTA) have supported adding gimmicky or risky synthetics to organic foods, giant factory farming, and imports from China and other questionable sources. Many of these corporations also stood with Monsanto and the biotechnology lobby, funding the misinformation campaign that scuttled Prop 37, the GMO labeling legislation defeated in California last fall.
Please use the organic brand scorecards on our website to help reward the true heroes, protect and reward your family with authentic organic food, and send the corporate bad-actors a serious message:
Click on this link for a version you can enlarge of the Who Owns Organic infographic below.

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