Saturday, January 19, 2013

Avoid Whole Foods Markets: Be a Whole Foods Spy

Many of you know that we are the co-authors of the best-selling 1970's guide, The Supermarket Handbook, a guide to selecting the best natural food items (at that time). At that time, supermarkets sold very few "health-oriented" products. Ww even fanticized about "supermarket sized"" natural food" stores. Happily today many traditional supermarkets carry a greater selection of these foods - often at better prices than WF. (BTW I expect to read labels in these outlets.) But with Whole Foods chain, as they say: Watch out for what you wish....
We try to avoid Whole Foods and shop in independents, farmer's markets, etc. (we also had agarden and at one time afew chickens.)  Whole Foods is not a health foods outlet, but just another supermarket with a greater proportion of health-oriented selections. At bear minimum too many items are adulterated. Whole Foods will say YOU should read the label. NO - Whole Foods should read the label. That’s what we pay for. That's what separates these retailersfrom supermarkets - when I go to a "natural foods store" I don’t want to have to read the label (except if I have some particular concern) At bottom line, I do not expect to find refined ingredients, trans fats or food additives, etc.
Whole Foods is not union friendly. This should be enough for a boycott. I hope they get organized soon. 



Have you found items at Whole Foods that you think are inapropriate. Please POST THEM HERE. Include as much info as possible and also a picture particualrly of the label if you can. Happy hunting .

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