Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Do Today's Chefs Seem to Get Credit for the Good Food Trends?

I posted this is reposnse to survey of chefs on Hunngton Post. I feel much better thank you now that I have posted this rant.

Dept. of Sour Grapes: It interesting that most of these trends are in the health/nutrition/local/sustainability/organic areas which chefs had nothing to do with. Left to their own, chefs would have continued with high-fat, sugared, processed, additive-laden meals. It seems all food questions are asked of chefs these days? Why aren’t they asked of the writers and activists who for decades fought ( and endured the ridicule) to make these trends a reality? Some who come to mind include the Rodale family (who virtually single handedly introduced organics), Bill and Akiko Shurtleff (Who pioneered soy foods), Beatrice Trum Hunter (Who fought food additives), Francis Lappe (who made us aware of the connection between what we eat and world hunger) and Ann Marie Colbin (Who popularized Macrobiotics). Yes, these sour grapes are from someone who would probably be on this list.