Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please forgive this display of ego...

Please forgive this display of ego...but I had to share this.

We use google alerts to track reviews of our books and other topics of interest. Recently we were notified that there had been a reference to our cookbook American Wholefoods Cuisine on a blog " Chickens in the Road"

I wrote to Susanne thanking her and to our delight and amazement she wrote back:

OHMYGOD!I'm so honored that you commented on my blog (or even saw it). Thank you! (Wow! I feel like a god dropped by, LOL.)Suzanne

Her website btw is quite obvious labor of love.

Thanks Suzanne. ( I think, if my mother was still with us, she wouldn't mind as much that I didn't persue a law career. ("My son the god is hard to beat poolside.:))