Monday, September 21, 2009

Short Shelf Life Dept.Froot Loops No Longer Healthy

The marketing program which we blogged about, "Smart Choices," got left back this week.
As the New York Times exposed last week, the smart selections are anything but healthy. One of the selections is Froot Loops.
Despite the program's dubious standards, it maintained the appearance of legitimacy because researchers associated with three reputable organizations - American Diabetes Association, American Dietetic Association, and Tufts University - were on its board.
All three organizations responded to consumer pressure this week by publicly distancing themselves from the food labeling scheme and officially asking Smart Choices to remove their name from its website and marketing materials - thereby publicly embarrassing and discrediting the program.
One again wholefoods rules. (See American Wholefoods Cuisine for our definition of "smart food" that is wholefoods.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

How Froot Loops Became a Health Food

A new industry backed label says sugary cereal like Froot Loops are a ‘Smart Choice.’ That designation according the the label's administrator means it is a "a ‘better for you’ product." In 1973, in The Supermarket Handbook, we wrote about how the food industry is relentless and shamless in their attempts to sell processed food.
The "Smart Choice program is the latest version - as clever as ever. And said to say it will work with many people. Details:

Resist - buy wholefoods*

*Note: We started using this contraction to describe unadulterated intact foods 1n 1973 - long before the chain did.

Nice Review of Healthy Highways

Thank you Patricia Lowry of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.